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LodeStar, partnered with experienced logistics professionals, offers you a platform to start your own freight broker agency with the full support of our brokerage bond, contingent cargo insurance and comprehensive back office support. All of this allows LodeStar's agents to focus on what they do best which is supporting your daily transportation needs.
LodeStar offers options for quickpay, fuel advances, load & truck posting, credit checks and credit approval along with many more benefits. If you are a freight agent or freight broker and are interested in the opportunity of working from home or the office and being paid top dollar for the work you do, contact LodeStar today.
If you are a shipper looking for a local contact to help with your transportation needs, contact one of the following agents below. 
Mike Cossette: Tomah, WI Office 
  • Phone #: 608-372-5066
  • Fax #: 608-372-5067 

Matt Weller: Houston, TX Office 

  • Phone #: 979-234-5234 
  • Fax #: 979-234-7215
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Safe Transportation

Call 218-354-2132

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